Homewood Police nab suspected vandals

By Sherea Harris

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Three juveniles face criminal mischief charges after being arrested for leaving their mark on several businesses in Homewood.

Graffiti on buildings and other places around downtown Homewood had become a problem over the past few weeks.

Hunter Payne, of Hunter's Cleaners, says he's spent several hundred dollars and a lot of time over the years painting over graffiti on his business.        

Payne is also a city council member, and he plans to bring the matter before the city council.

"I'm hoping we can pass an ordinance that will make it clear that if you spray paint buildings in Homewood you will pay a major penalty," said Payne.

"One of our patrol officers spotted a juvenile on a skateboard and he had spray paint on his shirt and on his hands," said Sgt. Andrew Didcoct. "We stopped him and questioned him which opened up the investigation."

Police say those the juveniles, ages fourteen to eighteen were responsible for graffiti on six businesses and graffiti at Homewood High School.

Police do not believe the graffiti is gang related. The suspects could receive probation and be ordered to pay restitution to those businesses.

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