Area nurseries wish for warmer weather soon

By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -  The long and cold winter weather across Alabama is starting to take a toll at area nurseries.  Owners say the cold weather has them scrambling to protect their plants, and attract customers.

At Sweet Peas Garden Shop in Homewood, owner Jon Culver has been moving plants and flowers into the greenhouse to protect them. He said when it is so cold outside, people aren't motivated to be outside.

"No one wants to get out in the cold and try and dig in the hard ground," said Culver, "We are normally slow this time of year anyway, but the further it gets into Spring, it affects our Spring business."

Customers agree that the seemingly endless winter weather makes it difficult to enjoy their hobby.

"It's just been very cold and wet, and I haven't wanted to get outside," said Nancy Womble, "Every time I think i'm going to get out there and garden, it's been too cold.  It's been depressing."

Culver said despite the cold weather, all the spring flowers will still arrive at the nursery on time. He hopes the change in the seasons will bring a fresh start for everyone.   

"I've heard that when we have long, cold winters, that makes for a good Spring," said Culver, "Everyone gets cabin fever, so once it warms up, I think everyone will get out and get in their yards."

The average date for the last frost in Birmingham is April 15.

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