Area law enforcement agencies share data to fight crime

By Emily Luxen

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) -  Birmingham's metro area police departments are working together to fight crime, because officers say it's a valuable tool that works.
On Friday, Hoover and Pelham police worked together to arrest a burglary suspect who is charged with multiple crimes in both cities.

Hoover Police's Capt. Jim Coker said technology makes it easier to share information via email or police department websites, but they use other methods as well.

"We share information daily," said Capt. Coker, "Detectives primarily push it out with email, but they also have regular meetings with counterparts, and if the case warrants it, we use the state system which is part of alabama criminal justice information center."

Lt. Scott Tucker at the Pelham Police Department said they use a similar approach. He said it is also important for officers to have personal relationships with officers in other departments.     

"We have to have assistance through the area," said Lt. Tucker, "This type of networking occurs across the country."

Both Lt. Tucker and Capt. Coker said the team approach to fighting crime is especially important in the Birmingham metro area.

"In a short period of time you can go through multiple jurisdictions, it wouldn't take you long  to drive up 65 into Birmingham," said Capt. Coker, "Criminals do not respect city limits, so we have to share information."

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