All Around Town Catering Spring Rolls

All Around Town Catering Spring Rolls[Courtesy of San Francisco State University]

One pound large Alabama Wild Shrimp,peeled and deveined[$8.49 at Snapper Grabbers]26-30/lb/Steamed for 21/2 minutes

Rice paper[Chai's Asian Market]

Bunch of fresh mint

Bunch of fresh cilantro

Clove of garlic,diced

One bell pepper,diced

Dipping sauces:

Hoisin-Combination of soy sauce,garlic powder,vinegar

Peanut Sauce-Peanut butter,soy sauce,garlic,green onions,vinegar

Wet your rice paper so it is pliable.Start in corner of paper,put shrimp,cilantro,mint,garlic,bell pepper or jalapeno and a bit of sauce in paper.Start folding and make packet out of it.You will get it the second time for sure.You can eat these just by dipping them in sauce,it makes a great appetizer.If you feel like using pork,chicken,or beef it is easy.Lorena and Luwann sent me the recipe from San Francisco,and I thank them for it.Enjoy!!!!

Mark Giorgi

All Around Town Catering


Cooking at Noon - February 26, 2010