House votes to bail out PACT, bill heads to Senate

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama House votes unanimously to bail out the PACT program, but the Senate is not yet on board.
Lawmakers approved the bill that would give $235-million to guarantee that tuition gets paid for students who are enrolled in the program. House members only voted for the bill after stripping out a Senate provision that would cap tuition rates that universities can charge students in the program.

Some say the cap is needed, or the fix is only temporary. "I understand that funding it with the 236 million is no good if there is no band aid on the bleeding," says PACT parent Gwen Brayden. "You can only put so much in that is coming out, so I understand that too."

The bill now heads back to the Senate. Both sides must pass the same version of the bill before it can go the governor for his signature.

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