Pell City Police to increase presence after drugs found at school

By Sherea Harris

PELL CITY, AL (WBRC) - Pell City officials are working to prevent what may be a growing drug problem in schools.

This news comes after two students were recently arrested for drug possession.

Authorities say one student had marijuana. The other student was distributing prescription drugs to other students.

Police say during random drug searches, pills were found each time at the high school. It's demanded the superintendent's attention.

Dr. Bobby Hathcock says there needs to be a stronger approach to what he feels is a problem at schools statewide.

"There's has to be legislation that has some teeth in it that says people that get these prescription must be held accountable for safeguarding them," said Dr. Hathcock. "Make sure kids don't have those things available to them because I can promise you they know what they are."

Hathcock has spoken to state leaders about this matter.

Pell City's Police Chief Greg Turley is taking an immediate response to enforce a zero tolerance policy for drugs at the high school.

Students, faculty, and employees will see more of law enforcement, as Chief Turley will increase police presence.

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