Jeffco Commissioners worried over possible layoffs

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County commissioners are talking about the possibility of more layoffs. They are concerned about another financial crisis that lead to massive layoffs and long lines at the courthouse.
Jefferson County commissioners want department heads to prepare a plan for cutting back their operations.

Tax collections are down for the year and a lawsuit seeking strike down the new occupational tax. It is not a crisis at this time but Commission President Bettye Fine Collins says there probably will not be any merit pay raises this year.

Commissioner Bobby Humphryes believes if there are cuts to be made it should start at the top of every county department. "We had a third of the payroll laid off. Close to a third, a thousand people laid off only eliminated two million out of seven million dollars, a bi-weekly," says Humphryes.

Humphryes is running for re-election and says he wants to be president of the commission. As president, his top priority will be cutting back on high paying jobs at the county.

Humphryes says he is already looking to make these cuts in his department, roads and transportation.