Legislation update

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama House has kept busy in there lawmaking efforts.
The House voted Tuesday for a bill that would require stores to record who is buying over-the-counter drugs like Sudafed, which is used in making meth. The information would be put in a statewide database to prevent someone from going store to store to stockpile the drugs.

House members defeated a resolution to hold a referendum in the general election on whether to call a convention to rewrite the state's constitution.
They also passed a bill to give employers a tax deduction if they hire unemployed Alabamians.

Two more issues are being addressed in a House delegation meeting Wednesday.
State leaders will be looking at a bill that would put the Birmingham mayor's race on the same election cycle as the city council.
Another bill to be addressed by the House is Trussville Representative Owen Drake's proposal to get rid of the Jefferson County Commission. The bill would put a county council in place where the president of the council would be voted for county wide. It would also put a financial officer and a county manager in place.

Lawmakers in the Senate also passed bills on Tuesday.

They voted to legalize brewing beer and making wine at home for personal use and approved a bill to make human trafficking a crime.