Dogs found dumped and deceased in Chilton County

By Sherea Harris

MAPLESVILLE, AL (WBRC) - There's a disturbing story of animal cruelty and a place people call a dumping ground for dead puppies in Chilton County.

Puppies are dumped off a dirt road near County Road 214 in the Maplesville area .

One woman who lives near the site says she's been quiet too long about what's been going on, and she wants to know why people are treating animals like they are trash.

The Director of the Chilton County Humane Society, Joe Murphy, says there is also a problem with stray animals in the county.

Murphy says the humane society does not have the staff to enforce cruelty laws.

"I think the government needs to pass a confinement law," said Murphy. "They need to hire an animal control officer."

"This is intolerable," said Pandora Riggen, a concerned citizen. "I want something done. "I want our community, commission, whoever please speak up for the voices of animals."

Chilton County Commissioners are aware of this and they say there's no money to hire an animal control officer to address this problem.

FOX6 made phone calls to commissioners, but we weren't able to get anyone to go on camera to talk about it.

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