Editorial: Protect your children

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, February 23, 2010:

Can there be a crime as horrible as murder?   I think there is…its called pedophilia.  The sexual abuse of children is like murder, destroying their trust, self-esteem…their innocence.  Yet another story is in the news…a pediatrician who victimized more than a hundred children.  

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  WHERE WERE THEIR PARENTS?   As a nation, why aren't we outraged and doing everything we can to stop this travesty?

For years, the media has been filled with these kinds of stories, involving adults in positions of authority…ministers, teachers, doctors, family members.

You may say…"still the numbers are small."  That's just not so, statistics show that at least one in five children will suffer sexual abuse…and many at the hands of those who…they've been taught…they should trust and must obey.

Please protect your children.  Be VERY careful who you leave them alone with.  Encourage them to talk to you about ANY discomfort they feel in the presence of other adults or older children.  Then listen to them when they come to you. Teach them that their bodies belong to them, and them alone, and that they don't have to hug or be touched by anyone, including family, unless they want to do so.

This kind of crime is cyclical.  Many abused children grow up to become abusers, themselves.   Prevent the crime by breaking the cycle.

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