Mayor and BJCTA deny rumors of bus system's demise

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Rumors swirled about the MAX bus system in Jefferson County.

Bus riders were informed today that buses would stop running, which caused a scare among patrons and employees. Mayor William Bell wasn't happy.

He went to the main bus station to calm the fears of people who feared their only form of transportation was to be dismantled.

The rumors started when people read signs saying the buses would stop running. Mayor Bell denied, and told people the rumor's fiction.

In fact, the mayor is putting pressure on the Transit Authority to improve the service.

He's required the transit to retire it's $200,000 debt by the end of the year, hire a permanent director, and have a blue ribbon board audit the system.

The Transit Authority's board chairman, Guin Robinson, says those things are already being handled.

"We hope once and for all  we can solve the woes facing transit," said Robinson. "Are there other things internally you bet there are we need concentrate on those and do everything we can every single day to improve that service."

The mayor says he bailing out the transit authority for now after it asked for more money.

This Tuesday, the council will vote on giving $3 million to the bus system.

As for those flyers, they were taken down. And for who publicized them, that remains a mystery.