Amy Bishop's attorney believes her to be insane

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - The lawyer for Amy Bishop, The University of Alabama-Huntsville biology professor accused of shooting three colleagues to death, says he believes his client is mentally ill.

The Associated Press reports that Miller believes Bishop has severe mental problems that he believes to be paranoid schizophrenia. He also says his client cannot remember the shootings.

Miller says Bishop gets into conflicts with people and then becomes obsessed with them. He believes Bishop's failure to obtain tenure is what led to the shootings.

District Attorney Rob Broussard says he will not oppose a mental evaluation for Bishop.

Meanwhile, a vigil will be held for the victim's of last week's shooting at UAH.

The university recently allowed the media into building where the shooting happened. Flags around the campus are at half-staff. Near them are flowers and cards remembering the three professors killed and the three who were wounded.

Students say it will take a while for the campus to heal. "Its a terrible, terrible thing," says student Lee Ellenburg. "Seeing how it affected so many people, it just makes me want to be more kind to people."

The campus memorial service takes place Friday night at 7:00 at Spragins Hall.

For most students and faculty, classes resume Monday.

The first of three funerals for faculty and staff shot and killed, has been held. Dr. Gopi Podila's family and friends held a private ceremony yesterday for the chairman of the biology department. Funerals for Professor Adreil Johnson will be held Friday. Maria Ragland's funeral will take place Saturday.