Arrest made in California regarding debit scam investigation

HANCEVILLE, AL (WBRC) - An arrest has been made in California regarding the debit card scam investigation in Hanceville.

Hanceville police say someone hacked into a computer at a restaurant, stealing debit card and PIN numbers.

The Secret Service is assisting the Hanceville Police Department in this investigation.

A man in California used a debit card in a store but it was declined several times.

A suspicious clerk alerted authorities and the man was arrested.

The card ended up being a cloned card and the account information for the card belonged to a woman in Cullman County who had her card number stolen.

Criminals hacked into a server and gathered dozens of card and PIN numbers from a Dairy Queen in Hanceville.

The store is only accepting cash right now because of the incident. The store's owner says he's so sorry for what his customers are going through.

Hanceville Police say the criminals used a sophisticated method of obtaining those debit card numbers.

"You've got one that's maybe taking the numbers or has gotten access to these numbers," said Sgt. Danny Collins. "Then they email them or sell them to someone, then they immediately make a card. They actually have a hard copy, a plastic copy to use with these people's numbers."

Purchases were not only made in California, but also in Georgia and Texas.

The man taken into custody has yet to charged. Several more arrests are expected in this case.