Walker County drivers say they're tired of dodging potholes

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - A Walker County community says they're fed up with dodging potholes throughout the area. They complain the bumpy roads are unsafe for drivers.

Some of the worst problems are on Kingsmill Road between Jasper and Oakman.

Residents said the road is dangerous, heavily traveled, and is also used by school buses, adding it is only a matter of time before there's a bad car accident on the road.

"You have to get in the middle of the road, then to the left of the road, then to the right of the road," said James Lowery, "It is kind of like going through an obstacle course."

"It causes damage to your car, plus the risk of running head-on with someone," said Barry Graham.

Walker County's commissioner for district 3, Ben Huggins, said he receives complaints about the road daily.

He said the bad weather may be causing more potholes on roads throughout the county. He wants residents to know he is working to fix it.

"We're trying to assess the damage we've got," said Huggins, "We are going to make an application and try and get some money from the federal government, and see what we can get out of that."

Residents said the help isn't coming fast enough, and the temporary patching of the potholes isn't the solution. They said the road needs to be completely repaved.

"I can appreciate the fact it's a long process," said Graham, "But this has been 30 years of patching the road and re-patching, and that's not getting it done."

Commissioner Huggins said the county won't be able to do any repaving of the road until summer.

He said they have to wait until they get the necessary funding, and until the weather improves.