Victoryland responds to John Tyson

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Victoryland attorney Mark White says every citizen in Alabama "stands in peril" because of the "desperate actions" of the governor's anti-gambling task force.

White issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon in response to comments made earlier in the day by John Tyson, commander of the anti-gambling task force created by Governor Bob Riley:

"The position taken by Mr. Tyson today confirms he is determined to create a Constitutional crisis in our state and endanger the life, liberty and property of Alabama's citizens.

Mr. Tyson and Governor Riley do not believe they are accountable to any law or any person.  Everyone must now ask the question 'Why are they doing this now?'

General King today confirmed Mr. Tyson and Governor Riley were turned down by neutral magistrates and judges in Macon and Greene counties because there was no probable cause.  They now seek to declare probable cause themselves and it is clear they are proceeding in bad faith and contrary to law.  They have created civil liability for this State in amounts that defy imagination.

Every citizen now stands in peril because of their desperate actions."