John Tyson responds to Troy King

John Tyson (source WSFA video)
John Tyson (source WSFA video)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - John Tyson, commander of Gov. Bob Riley's anti-gambling task force, said the law is clearly on his side.

Tyson spoke to reporters Wednesday afternoon three hours after Alabama Attorney General Troy King held a news conference encouraging the task force to seek legal guidance on its actions. Tyson offered the following six responses to King's comments:

1) "The Supreme Court of Alabama ruled twice in last four months that these illegal slot machines are not bingo. The criminal law of Alabama is crystal clear: slot machines are illegal, no matter what name you call them. If the machine accepts money and dispenses money or prizes on any kind of chance, it is illegal."

2) "It is the duty of the task force on illegal gambling to enforce the criminal law of Alabama."

3) "The task force is committed to upholding the criminal law and that is not going to change."

4) "Delaying the enforcement of criminal law allows a few people to go on breaking the law and get away with it while the rest of us obey it."

5) "The Supreme Court of Alabama has ruled twice in the last month that task force operations should not be interferred with in civil cases."

6) "All 19 law enforcement actions that we have taken since I've been the commander have been orderly and safe. None have been found to be illegal."

Tyson's comments were his response to comments made by King, who suggested Tyson shold file for declaratory judgments in Macon, Lowndes, Houston and Green Counties on the issue of electronic bingo. King added he is worried over possible armed conflict at Greenetrack in Greene County and said if the Governor ignores his suggestions, he will have to re-evaluate his position as Attorney General.