Attorney General will not take over task force, offers suggestions

Alabama Attorney General Troy King (WSFA video)
Alabama Attorney General Troy King (WSFA video)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) – Attorney General Troy King says he will not intervene in Governor Bob Riley's operation of the governor's illegal gambling task force.

In a news conference on Wednesday, King discussed the issue of electronic bingo and what he felt was the right thing for the governor's task force to do.

King began the news conference with a declaration of respect and friendship for Governor Riley and added that he is proud to serve under the governor. He then offered the Governor what he feels is a resolution to the electronic bingo issue in three actions.

The first action that King offered was for John Tyson, the head of the illegal gambling task force, to file for declaratory judgments in Macon, Lowndes, Houston and Green Counties on the issue of electronic bingo.

The second action would be for Tyson to file to see if they can keep gaming establishments closed in Macon, Lowndes and Houston Counties closed.

King's third action was the offering of a simple amendment that would allow for Alabamians to make a vote to decide on electronic bingo's prohibition.

King added that he is worried over possible armed conflict at Greenetrack. He also says that if the Governor ignores his suggestions, he will have to re-evaluate his position as Attorney General.