Senator introduces bill that will legalize guns almost anywhere

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Most companies prohibit employees from having a weapon anywhere on company property.

A proposed bill in the legislature would allow guns on work property.

The bill states that as long as a person has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and it's locked away, they can have a gun in their private vehicle on work property.

Democratic Senator Roger Bedford introduced the bill. He says he wants folks to be able to protect themselves in case something happens while traveling to and from work.

Some say if it's passed some say violence in the work place could become more of a problem.

"It's a negative because you can have a bad day see somebody you don't like at work," said Byron Parker.

"I think most citizens out here are responsible people," said Traci Chaney, who supports the gun bill. "Their intent is not to do any harm, it's to protect themselves."

"What you have now is a lot single moms that are working in the workplace, often times early morning shifts or late afternoon shifts that run into the evening. They want the safety of a firearm," said Senator Bedford. "They have that in case they break down on the way back or someone tries carjack them."

This bill would not apply to employees of universities or schools because of federal laws.

Senator Bedford says 12 other states already have this law in place including Florida, Georgia and Louisiana.

Bedford says he has broad bi-partisan support on the bill.

The senate will soon have the bill up for vote.