Lawmakers look into background checks for universities

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - The University of Alabama in Huntsville and the Alabama lawmakers may look into the background check polices of state universities. This is wake of the UAH shooting which left three dead.

The head of the powerful house education budget writing committee says lawmakers are shocked by the incident. "Oh, just devastated. I know kids who go to the school there. Just devastated to hear about the shooting," Representative Richard Lindsey of Centre said.
The accused killer, Amy Bishop, was hired at UAH. Reports are coming out about her past. Bishop shot and killed her brother in 1986 in an accident shooting. Bishop was questioned in a 1993 pipe bomb incident involving a former professor.  

The UA system does not expect wholesale changes in their policies."I think it is lesson for all of us in business to say okay, is there something in our policies that needs to be fined tuned or tweaked," said Kellee Reinhart, UA system spokeswoman.
Lindsey says he expects the legislature will demand to know more about security and background check policies at the school. "Absolutely. I think we will look into that issue. We already have background checks for K-12, two year schools. We want to see what is required for four years," Lindsey said.
Other lawmakers agree it is a matter for review. "We have UAB in Jefferson County, Auburn and Alabama. We all have concerns. On a bi-partisan effort we have to sit down and see what's being done now. We can we do to prevent this from happening again?" Representative Paul DeMarco of Homewood said.
The UA Board of Trustees will meet in Huntsville in April during a meeting already scheduled before the shooting. Security and background checks could be addressed.