Power to Save: Alabama Wildlife Center

OAK MOUNTAIN, AL (WBRC) - Tucked away in Oak Mountain State Park is an emergency room for Alabama's injured or orphaned wildlife. Inside is an American Robin that flew into a window. It sustained an eye injury but is expected to make a full recovery. A Barn Owl that was caught in barbed wire and had some very serious tissue damage has been in recovery for about two months now. Also, a Falcon that was found on the ground with a fractured humorous has been at the center since September and is doing well.

Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson talked with Education Director, Sandra Allinson says the Alabama Wildlife Center, which is open 7 days a week, takes in about 2500 animals a year.

"We specialize in the care of federally protected song birds, raftors and water fowl," says Allinson.

This first stop for an injured bird, is a place for it to receive emergency medical care, rehabilitation and then the animal is released back into the wild.

Allinson says "At any given time we could have owls, hawks, vultures occasionally we receive eagles any kind of song birds like the robin."

From the emergency operations to the food, exercise and tender loving care, it is the donations and volunteers that keep this operation going.

For Allinson, "It's just very important that we do whatever we can to help these populations survive."

If you see a wild animal in need of help contact the center at 205-621-3333.