New Zealand Seafood Stew

New Zealand Seafood Stew
1 Sourdough Boule, small
8 oz New Zealand Seafood Stew Base, prepared
2 oz Bay Scallops
3 each 21/25, peeled and de-veined, w/o tails
2 manila clam
5 Green lip mussels on 1/2 shell w/ meat still attached
2 oz white fish 3/4" chunks (can be Cod, halibut, sea bass or grouper)
2 oz Heavy Cream
1 Fennel Frond

1. Hollow out boule, reserving top for plating
2. Place all seafood, heavy cream and stew base in a saute pan
3. Place hallowed out boule and lid in over to toast.
4. Cook the stew until fish and shelfish are done and the broth has thickened
5. Place about 2/3's of the mixture inside the boule and arrange the remainder on the plate as if 'spilling out'
6. Make sure the shellfish, especially the green shell mussels are prominently displayed
7. Place boule top tilted off the top of the boule and serve.
8. garnish with a fennel frond.

Weekend Cooking - February 13, 2010