Winter weather hitting Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Around 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning, snow first began falling in the West part of Alabama. Five hours later, a steady snowfall could be seen in Birmingham.

In January, a similar snow prediction was made by forecasters, but it came up short when snowflakes melted up contact with a much warmer ground. Meteorologist J.P. Dice says that this new upcoming snowfall has the potential to be a much stronger system.

"There is a lot of moisture in this system, the ground is colder and the air mass is colder," says Dice. "Temperatures will drop through an evaporative cooling process. We are likely to see a better chance of accumulating snow."

The largest band of snow in the system is expected to hit across the state in a pattern level with Montgomery. It is expected to be 2-3 inches in that area. Above Interstate 20, an inch or two can be expected.

The city of Birmingham has opened a warming station for those in need. Starting Friday, anyone needing to get out of the cold can go to the Boutwell Auditorium Exhibition Hall.

A number of area schools have made the call to close due to the weather. For a complete list of schools, visit

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