Toyota dealerships in a crunch to satisfy customers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - During the Toyota recalls, millions of owners are now flooding Toyota dealerships to have their cars repaired and their questions answered. Dealers are now faced with the challenge of satisfying all the customers.

At Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, service technicians have been staying busy helping the extra customers. Managers say they tried to plan ahead as much as they could over the last week to ensure everything goes smoothly. They say the best advice for Toyota customers is to contact their dealership if they have questions.

For a full list of the Toyota vehicles under the recall, click here. The link even includes information about a separate recall involving floor mats that can get stuck on the gas pedal and information on the recalled 2010 Prius and 2010 Lexus Hyrbrid.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley is calling on Congress to be fair to Toyota during hearings on safety recalls.
Riley joined the governors of four other states with Toyota plants in writing a letter to lawmakers asking for hearings that are "not tainted by the federal government's financial interest in some of Toyota's competitors."
The letter also says the automaker's continued success is in the nation's best interest.