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Catalytic converters stolen from several vehicles in Cullman

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - Police say convenience and opportunity helped someone steal the catalytic converters off 16 service vehicles belonging to Cook's Pest Control in Cullman.  

"My gut feeling is it would be like most crimes of convenience," says Lt. Craig Green of the Cullman Police Dept.  "The ease of it, that you have several service vehicles back there".

The crime took place sometime between Saturday night and Monday morning when employees returned to work and "found their trucks sounding like a log truck," according to one employee.  

The pieces weigh about 20 pounds apiece and police say it is possible one person could have done it in a short amount of time.   

Local auto shop owner Greg Graves says thieves steal catalytic converters because of the precious metals inside including platinum, copper and gold.  "You take those catalytic converters and even in scrap, you're talking $2,000 or more," Graves said.  "And what's so sad it'll probably take over $1,000 dollars to put it back where the car can be driven again."

Police say they've asked local scrap yards as well as those in surrounding counties to be on the lookout for the stolen parts.

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