Alabama bingo poll

A new statewide poll says 72% of Alabamians support regulating and taxing proceeds from gambling. The numbers could play a major role if a bill makes it out of the state legislature to put the legality of gambling to a vote.

Birmingham area residents have mixed opinions on the subject. Supporters said electronic bingo could bring millions of dollars to Alabama, and thousands of jobs.

"People are just going to go to Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee," said Janell Jones, "I think we should have it in Alabama, so we can get some big money also."

"I say it should be legal," said Dean Reynolds, "Why not? I don't think its hurting anything, and a lot of other states do it."

However, opponents said bingo is immoral, and only negatively impacts the state and the people who participate.

"It's gambling. Gambling is wrong. Always has been, always will be," said Allen Ames, "I can't see anyone accomplishing anything through gambling."

"Basically, I'm not in favor of it because God's

word teaches against it," said Susan Mills, "but also i've seen too many people whose families have been hurt by it."

A proposed constitutional amendment has been introduced in the Alabama House that would let Alabama voters decide if they want to legalize electronic bingo games at certain locations in the state. However, no vote has taken place.

The poll was conducted by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama.