Super Bowl preps

For many sports fans, Super Bowl Sunday is a chance to relax on the couch with great food, but for some area bars and restaurants it means a boost in business.

At Loco's Grill and Pub in Homewood, every TV will be featuring the Super Bowl game, and that means big crowds of hungry sports fans. Managers said they are also expecting extra takeout orders, but they're prepared.

"Instead of ordering the amount of food you normally would, you order extra," said Ethel Ellison the General Manager of Loco's Grill and Pub, "Stock up on beer, make sure you have your best staff on with smiling faces, because service is important. That's how you plan ahead."

Best Buy is already cashing in on Super Bowl business. Manager said throughout the week, customers have been lining up to get a new big screen TV. They say they always see an increased interest in TVs before the Super Bowl.

"We've had delivery teams busy, and our instal teams have been busy, getting as many people set up for the Super Bowl as possible," said Customer Solutions Manager Jason Beneke.

At Little Caesars pizza, Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year. Managers said they are expecting a rush of orders right before the game, and they are running a special on wings to attract money-conscious sports fans.

"You can feed 8 people with just a few pizzas," said General Manager Brock Fleming, "and our chicken wings are delicious. I think we'll sell a lot of both because we have different combos."

All three businesses hope Super Bowl Sunday brings super-sized profits and leaves their customers cheering.