Town to vote on alcohol sales in March

HANCEVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Hanceville's councilors met Thursday about holding a special election that would allow residents vote on alcohol sales.

It seems a majority of citizens at this meeting want to keep the city dry.

Right now, councilors are working on fine-tuning the 30-page ordinance that legalizes liquor sales.

Opponents say if they city goes 'wet' there will be more drunk drivers on the highway.

Proponents say a wet city means more revenue.

There's a movement underway called "Keep Hanceville Special."

Local churches are behind the effort, and they are preparing to put up a fight to keep it 'dry'.

"There are a lot of people against a lot of people," said Eric Allred. "I've been to meetings here locally. Some of the churches, we are getting our plan together in what we will do to convince to people to vote no."

"We need some help out to this it's time to change Cullman County and bring the money from the surrounding counties to this town," said Eddie Hamm, who's in favor of liquor sales.

There is a new date on the wet/dry special election. It was March the 2nd. Councilors voted to change the date to March the 9th.