Supreme Court issues ruling on electronic bingo in Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Electronic bingo establishments in Alabama could get an unwelcomed visit from the governor's task force on gambling at any time.

Alabama's Supreme Court issued a ruling a few hours ago that clears the way for raids.

The Macon County Circut Court had issued a restraining order against the task force to prevent law enforcement from seizing machines.

But the Supreme Court ruled that the circuit court does not have jurisdiction to block the task force from raiding electronic bingo halls.

The task force could now enter those establishments and seize electronic bingo machines at Victoryland.

However, tonight Victoryland and its hotel are closed.

Hotel guests say they were told to pack up, and get out.

Governor Riley held a news conference Thursday with the commander of his gambling task force, John Tyson.

Riley says the court ruling is another win for the rule of law.

Riley and Tyson say they are trying to enforce state law on electronic bingo gambling.

They add that the rules apply to all Alabama counties.