Potato crusted salmon

Potato crusted salmon



APPROVAL: Chef Oliver Robinson
salmon filet 4 ea.

  In a med sauce pan, heat oil.
yukon gold potato 2


  Season salmon with salt and pepper, also season flour with salt
flour 1 cup
  and pepper.  


salt  1/2tsp
  Put fish in flour to lightly coat on each side.

pepper 1/2tsp
  With box grater, shred potatoes and place on top of fish until

  evenly coated.  
olive oil 1/4 cup


  Put fish in saute pan potato side down and cook til golden 
leeks 6 oz.
  brown then turn over and sear for 3-4 min.


shitake mushrooms 6 oz.
  Remove fish from pan and place on a paper lined plate to absord

  any extra oil.  
minced garlic 1/2 tsp


  Add leeks, mushrooms, garlic and tomatoes and saute for 4 min,
sundried tomatoes 1/4 cup
  deglaze pane with white wine and reduce til almost dry.


white wine 1 cup
  Add fresh spinach, and soft butter, toss lightly and turn off heat.


fresh spinach 1 cup
  Spoon vegetable onto plate, place fish on top, potato side up,  

  pour butter sauce over top to coat fish.
butter 2tbsp