ALDOT to patch I 459

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Over the next few months, ALDOT officials will patch Interstate 459 between I-20 and Highway 280.

Officials said the top layer of the road has broken due to daily wear and tear. That's causing large dips or bumps in the road.

They're using a technique called "strip patching."

Brian Davis, an engineer at ALDOT said by patching the holes, the road will be safer and more pleasant for drivers.

"It will improve the hydraulics of roadway," said Davis, "There won't be depressions, the ride will be smoother, and it will be more pleasing to look at."

Davis said this is a temporary fix until the department can completely repave the road in 2011.

Drivers who frequently use the road said they welcome the improvements.

"I feel very relieved that it will be smoother and easier to drive on," said Shelby Hallmark.

"It needs to be done because some of those holes are so deep it makes your car swerve," said Austin Wilkie, "It is dangerous."

Officials said this project will continue for the next few months, and could take longer depending on the weather.

Some lanes will be shut down in that area throughout the process, but officials said they will not work during rush hour.