Big Easy Red Beans and Rice

Big Easy Red Beans and Rice

Shoppers in our store come in from all over the area for Blue Runner brand Red Beans. With a number of Louisiana natives in our town, the rumor is that these beans are the real deal. Here is an easy and quick way to prepare an old New Orleans favorite. Bon Temps Roulez!

Serves 4           Prep time 5 minutes                              Cook time 20 minutes

1 Onion Diced

1 Bell Pepper Diced

2 stalks Celery Diced

¼ stick of Butter

2 cans Blue Runner Cream Style Red Beans

1 pound Conecha Cajun Smoked Sausage (cut into two inch links sliced in half )

4 oz chicken stock (or water)

1 tsp garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Hot Sauce to taste

In a large pan heat Butter until melted. Add vegetables and garlic powder and saute until tender on medium heat. About 5 minutes. Add Sausage and cook until browned. Remove veggies and sausage to a plate and set aside. Drain off any excess grease or oil that has accumulated in the pan. Return to heat and add chicken stock. Scrape any bits and pieces that have stuck to pan to loosen. Add both cans of beans. And cook until heated. Add Sausage and veggies back into pan and stir until combined. Serve over steamed white rice.

Cooking at Noon - February 1, 2010