Toyota dealers feeling impact of recall

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Toyota auto dealers are feeling the impact of a massive recall of vehicles. Gas pedals are sticking on some models. On Tuesday, a Saks woman crashed her vehicle after her gas petal stuck on her 2009 Camry.

"The gas pedal got stock on my way to school this week and my car kept going and going it wouldn't stop," Queanna Cole said.

Cole managed to get the car stopped with only a scratch but she was left upset by the incident. "No, I'm scared to drive my car. It's been parked since Tuesday. I haven't driven it anywhere, I'm scared," Cole said.
Over at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Bruce Limbaugh fully understands Cole's and other Toyota customers concerns about the recall. "Our first consideration and concern is the for our customers. Their safety, for them and their preconceived concerns," Limbaugh said.
Limbaugh is urging all of his customers of the affected models to call and speak to dealerships. "We don't have the answer to the fix yet, which is why we want names and phone numbers so we can contact them  as soon as they have information," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh says as soon as a solution is found, Toyota will move quickly to fix it. In the meantime, other auto dealerships are moving to take advantage of Toyota's troubles by offering deals for drivers to turn in their Toyotas. "I'm disappointed to see our competition try to take advantage of this situation. Having said that I understand it's a real world," Limbaugh said.
Cole's faith in Toyota may be shaken; Limbaugh is confident customers will continue to buy their vehicles as in the past.