A peek into Richard Scrushy's home

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - The outside of Richard Scrushy's home is like the cover of a novel.  Inside, the pages slowly unfold.  A walk through the front door leads you into a small, yet ornate foyer decorated with a spiral staircase and chandelier.  Just to the left is the kitchen with dark paneling surrounding the massive room.   A few feet away is the smaller of two dining rooms, complete with a fire place and indoor barbecue pit.   The next room may have been where Scrushy entertained guests.  It includes a Bosendrorfer piano that is valued at $44,000 these days.  The bar is still stocked with decanters surrounding the gold swan sink.  There's also a library nearby that's still stacked with books about everything from Bill Gates to Srushy's hometown of Selma.

The elevator takes you to the second floor where there are seven bedrooms, most of them complete with bathrooms.  But none of them are quite as expansive as the one for Scrushy and his wife, Leslie.  It's the size of a small home and has a toilet and a bidet.  On Leslie's side, there is a room for just her shoes alone.  And on Scrushy's side, there's racks of shirts, rows of shoes, and hidden in the back...his safe.

You must pass all the children's rooms to get to Scrushy's private gym, complete with a tanning bed and his private study with articles showing a younger Scrushy.  One of them reads "On Top of His Game."  And that's just the inside.  Once outside you pass the first of two garages, with a black Corvette inside

There's also a pool and a playground for the kids.  And lastly, what appears to be a small little brick house.  But it only takes a quick peek inside to learn it's actually the dog house.  All this is locked behind this gate of what used to be Scrushy's private home.  Come April, it will be on display for any and everyone to see during the 2010 Decorators Showhouse.