House committee to consider PACT bills

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - A House committee will consider two PACT bills on Wednesday and the powerful education lobby could flex its muscle.
On Tuesday, it was the Senate's turn. The Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability Committee passed a bill to spend $236-million to shore up the PACT program. The committee also appointed three members to work with this bill and other proposals to get one bill that the Senate can agree on.

Big changes could come Wednesday as the House Education Appropriations Committee considers plans to save PACT.

The Alabama Education Association wants the PACT bills to pass, but with a 2.5% limit on tuition increases at the higher education level. "It only works if you limit the amount they can charge," says Paul Hubbert with the Alabama Education Association. "If you don't then you're writing a blank check saying charge whatever you want to...but what I'm saying is...if they charge as much in the future as they have in the past ten years, it will cost not 236-million, it cost over 700-million to pay the program off."

The House Education Appropriations Committee meets at nine Wednesday morning to consider two PACT bills.