Alabaster may prevent some development until roads are fixed

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) -  City councilors are trying to stop some new home construction in Alabaster.

That's because councilors say the homes are being built in neighborhoods that have unacceptable road conditions.

Councilors targeting developers of nine subdivisions to get roads repaired or finished.

For the past year, councilors have tried to get roads repaired or completed in those subdivisions. Little to no progress has been made.

People who live in those 9 subdivisions are upset about road conditions.

Some say they've dealt with this for more than 3 years.

Homeowners say they've had their tires busted and have spent thousands to fix front-end vehicle problems because of pot holes.

Councilor Adam Moseley says the city has sued some of the developers and is now going further by considering a moratorium.

It would prevent further development in those subdivisions until the roads are improved.

"Construction of homes will have to stop because it's not fair to residents who already live here. If you are having a home built in a subdivision, it's not fair to you," said city councilor, Adam Moseley. "It's almost as if you're defrauding these folks moving in with these roads like this."

"All of the homeowners work hard to keep property up and we have to put up with terrible roads and all of these promises that never come through," said homeowner George Riehle.

Councilors are also dealing with developers who have gone of out of business, leaving the road projects incomplete.

Citizens and developers are invited to come and speak about this matter at a public hearing.

It's February 18th at 7 pm at the Municipal Annex.

The council could possibly vote to pass the moratorium at that hearing.