Vincent residents continue to have disunity about quarry

VINCENT, AL (WBRC) - Hundreds of Vincent residents packed Vincent High's gym Tuesday night to voice their opinions on a proposed rock quarry.

The city's Planning Commission held the public hearing to get a sense of how people feel about the issue.

Supporters said the quarry would bring jobs and economic growth to Vincent. Opponents said it would bring noise, pollution, and affect property values of homes near the site.

"I just can't find too much good about a quarry," said Charles Cantrell, " sinkholes, noise, pollution, and they will damage property."

"I am for this because it will create jobs," said Grover Abbott, "I won't be here much longer, but in the future, someone could get some good out of it."

Before construction can begin, the members of the city's Planning Commission will have to vote to rezone the property.

Representatives from White Rock Quarries also attended the meeting and listened to resident's opinions. They maintain the quarry would bring over 100 jobs to the city, and millions of dollars in economic benefits.

"White Rock has come into town and pledged to help schools, help the senior citizen facility, and recreational facility, with $1.6 million," said Rob Fowler, the attorney representing White Rock Quarries.

Vincent's mayor, Ray McAllister, said it isn't surprising this issue has sparked such strong reactions throughout the city.

"It has been a little testy from time to time, said Mayor McAllister, "But I think everybody still loves each other, and when it is over, we will still be one town."

The Vincent Planning Commission will take into consideration everything said at the public hearing, and vote on whether to rezone the property. Then, the issue will go before the town council.