Guillermo Castro's Chicken Tortilla Soup

Guillermo Castro's Chicken Tortilla Soup
Serves 8

3 medium tomatoes
1/2 onion
1 clove garlic
5 oz shredded chicken
bag of tortilla chips
2 chile ancho
2 chile pasilla
2 chile chipotle
1 avocado

Seed the peppers and saute the dried peppers in oil. Boil the tomatoes. Put the tomatoes and peppers in a blender. Saute garlic and onion. Add that to the blender along with chicken stock and salt as needed. After your puree it finely, put it back in the boiler. Add chicken to the soup. When you serve it, put soup in the bowl and add tortilla chips, quest fresco, sour cream, and avocado to taste.

Good Day Cooking - January 25, 2009