Governor Riley, Milton McGregor at ends over gaming

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - A war of words is erupting between Governor Bob Riley and gaming businessman Milton McGregor. This comes as new TV ads are slamming former Jefferson County District Attorney David Barber over trips to a Mississippi casino.

Barber admits to winning $2,300. Barber is also head of Gov. Riley's Illegal Gambling Task Force.

"I have watched with disgust at the hypocrisy and dishonesty of Governor Riley and here lately, David Barber," McGregor said to Fox6 News Friday.
McGregor says he gave the governor and Barber a week to come clean about the trips. "I made it a point to let Barber know I knew, and Riley know I knew," McGregor said.
On Friday, Gov. Riley insisted there was not deadline threat. "That is absolutely not true. I'm not responsible for what Milton McGregor says or doesn't say," Riley said.
Barber submitted his resignation from the task force a week ago to Riley. The governor took exception that anyone would be following task force members, who are also members of law enforcement. Riley also offered a bit of a warning. "Don't get too close. Don't get too close to families because all of the sudden everything changes," Riley said.
Those TV ads are run by the Sweet Home Alabama group which is advocating legalizing electronic bingo gambling in Alabama. Riley insists it is a bad bet. "That gives amnesty to the Democrats main contributors. You stop a $400 million tax owed to the state of Alabama," Riley said.
McGregor bets the constitutional amendment will pass if voters get a chance to vote on it. "The Sweet Home Alabama Plan would create 30-thousand jobs and 400-million in revenue," McGregor said