Blount County sues Warrior over taxation

WARRIOR, AL (WBRC) - Blount County is now suing the city of Warrior. It claims the recently passed ordinance allowing Warrior to tax cities within its police jurisdiction is unjust.

It's the latest chapter in the ongoing dispute between the two cities.

Many Blount County businesses under Warrior's police jurisdiction are also fighting to incorporate into Hayden city limits. Neither do they want to pay taxes to Warrior.

Signs encouraging Hayden residents to boycott Warrior businesses are still present throughout the city.

The owner of Logan's General Store in Hayden, Bill Logan, said it shows how many people are unhappy with the tax ordinance.

"It was about the only way we had to fight it," said Logan, "except for this lawsuit the county filed. Believe me, the boycott, as much as I hate to see it hurt the business people, it has really affected them now."

In December, the Warrior City Council passed a 1.5% tax on all businesses within its police jurisdiction, and that includes part of Blount County.

Warrior Mayor Rena Hudson said the ordinance was designed to generate money for the city, and in exchange, providing police protection for Hayden.

"I'm somewhat shocked at the response," said Hudson, "I knew they needed police protection, and I knew we could provide it.  I hope things can be amicably worked out."

However, business owners in Hayden said Warrior Police never patrol the area. So they shouldn't pay for the service.

"Warrior needs money too," said Shell Station cashier Chris Roberts, "I believe this has been in progression for some time now. They are trying to shift their police over here to get extra cash. I don't think its right."

People in both cities agree the situation has caused a lot of animosity between the two cities, and that is unfortunate.

"I think there will be a lot of tension for some time to come between Hayden and Warrior," said Roberts.