20-year-old charged with 17-year-old's death

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A 20-year old Bessemer man has been charged with the death of a Gardendale teen.   

The Jefferson County District Attorney has charged Dustin Blake Legrand with murdering 17-year old Chase Alexander of Gardendale.  

Police say it was January 15th when Woods' family reported him missing.  Investigators believe Legrand actually killed Woods in the early morning hours of January 14th.  Authorities arrested Legrand and say he told him that he dumped the body in an abandoned strip mine off of Pumpkin Center Cut-Off near Quinton, AL.  Woods' body was found Wednesday afternoon.   

On Thursday, Woods' friends came together hoping it would help them deal with his death.  They say they police have not given them a motive for the shooting.   They describe Woods as outgoing and friendly.  

"That boy, I loved him more than anything," Woods' girlfriend, Julia Robbin says. "And the fact I can't see him because someone has taken him away absolutely kills me."   

Woods' best friend Alex Smoake sat next to her.  "I wish I'd been there with him," Smoake said.  "I always felt like if something crazy went down, I'd be there with him. And we'd be alright.  I didn't think it'd be like this."

Legrand is being held in the Jefferson County Jail on $75,000 bond.  

Funeral arrangements for Woods are still pending.