Bell, Cooper make final campaign push

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Monday may have been a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr., but it did not stop candidates who are running in the special runoff election for mayor of Birmingham.  
William Bell and Patrick Cooper marched near the head of the MLK parade in downtown Birmingham Monday. Both men told FOX6 News they were feeling tired but confident as the campaign wound down.

"Oh, I'm very confident because of the strength of my supporters and strength in the communities," William Bell said. "It  gives me encouragement that tomorrow evening we will be victorious."

"I'm feeling good about it," Patrick Cooper said. "People are crying out for change and it will show tomorrow."

At the Cooper campaign headquarters, poll workers were instructed what to watch out for as voters start casting their ballots Tuesday. Campaign workers were manning the phones and computers encouraging voter turnouts.

Bell supporters turned out at Kelly Ingram Park backing Bell in another MLK ceremony. Bell's campaign is also gearing up phone banks to get their backers out Tuesday.

Cooper and Bell stayed on message for the perceptive campaigns.

"Change," Cooper said. "What happens when we they elect the same faces, keep getting the same results. Birmingham is dying on the vine."

"We want them to think about experience I bring to the table," Bell said. "Moving the city forward from day one. I will not have to study the problems. I already now what the problems are."

Campaign workers will continue to hand out literature and put up signs until the polls close at seven o'clock Tuesday.

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