Power to Save: Whole Foods recycling

Whole Foods customers got the chance to shop for groceries and protect the environment at the same time thanks to the store's quarterly fundraising program. Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson explains why employees decided to donate five percent of one day's sales to the Alabama Environmental Council.

This marked the tenth opportunity to support a local organization since the store opened in 2007.

"Our customers love it and we find that depending on the organization so many people will come out and support just for that sole purpose because they know 5% of the day's sales will go back to an organization that they already care about," said Laura Brooks Bright.

The Alabama Environmental Council is an organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the state's natural heritage through advocacy and education. That mission, according to spokesperson Laura Brooks Bright, supports whole foods stores' commitment to helping communities grow stronger and healthier.
"This was our most successful 5% day in the history of this store and we raised $3411."

The donation will help fund the organization's Regional Recycling Initiative and downtown Birmingham Recycling Center.