Bell and Cooper participate in final debate before election

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Mayoral candidates William Bell and Patrick Cooper come together in the FOX6 studio on Thursday for their final debate.
The candidates spoke on topics including their plans to bring jobs to the city and their feelings on the election. Cooper continued his push to bring change and Bell kept his focus on being experienced.

Debating is just one way candidates are trying to sway voters in the homestretch of the election. Cooper and Bell are also relying on their campaign workers.

A few of Cooper's supporters were on Goldwire Street on Thursday, door knocking and passing out pamphlets. At Bell's campaign headquarters, workers were making calls and continuing a goal of talking to 15,000 voters via telephone.

"We just want to concentrate letting people know what Mr. Bell can offer," says Bell worker William Barnes. "We got a two year term. The biggest thing is we don't want have time to train people again on it. We can most definitely say Bell has experience."

Workers from both campaigns are taking things seriously, but they also are pretty confident. "We feel positive about what we are doing we think it will work out in our behalf," added Barnes.

Michael Johnson, a Cooper worker, has a different perspective. "I don't doubt Patrick Cooper's sincerity in the least," says Johnston. "I think he's going to take it."

Voters will take to the polls on Tuesday, January 19th.