Birmingham church served eviction notice

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Financial troubles lead to a Birmingham church and daycare being evicted, and church members looking for answers.

Everything in the Walking On Water Christian Church has to be moved from the facility on Carson Road, near Center Point-Birmingham line, by Friday.

The pastor of the church, Rev. Karnie Smith, said the church has been struggling financially, and donations are down, but still calls this a misunderstanding. He said at this point, church employees will not lose their jobs, and he is working to resolve the situation.

"Everything is fine. We are going to be okay," said Rev. Smith, "I will know more in the next couple of days. Our whole goal is to be back in this building in the next 3 to 4 days."

Church members said they had no idea the church was having financial problems. Some spent part of Thursday clearing out chairs from the sanctuary.

The Executive Director of the church's Bright Star Academy Daycare said now he has to find somewhere for more than 100 kids to go Friday, and notify their parents.

"I'm trying to talk to as many parents individually as I can to let them know we care about their children, and their families," said Berdis Blanding, "We will make this work."

A spokesperson from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said the church was over a year behind in mortgage payments, and the department received a court order to evict them.

Rev. Smith said he is working to clear up the problem, and the church wants to stay in their facility.

"We love this area.  We love Center Point.  We made an investment here," said Rev. Smith, "We're not going to divest. We are not going to move out, and we will be back here very soon."

Rev. Smith said he has not determined where the church will be holding services on Sunday.