Tide's success equals economic booth for Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The University of Alabama's 13th national championship has certainly brought a lot of happiness to Tide fans. It too has  brought an economic boost to Tuscaloosa.

Officials at the Tuscaloosa Convention and Visitors Bureau said a typical game weekend brings about $10-15 million to the local economy.

Also, when the city is affiliated with a winning sports team, it makes it more marketable, and helps boost the city's image.

"When the team goes to the Rose Bowl, that is the cream of the crop," said Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau Robert Ratliff, "To have that kind of national exposure, is great for university, the city, and great for tourism down the road."

Tuscaloosa business owners agree.  At Buffalo Phil's on the strip, managers say a winning team brings more people to town, and more customers to their restaurant.

"It definitely helps us a ton," said Assistant Manager Erin Childress, "With us being champions, and us being a block way from the stadium, this is where all the traffic is on game day.  It brings in a ton of money."

Tuscaloosa residents agree a national championship can help bring in tourism dollars.

"It gave us a lot of coverage, and a lot of publicity," said Aysha LaBon, "A lot of people don't know about Tuscaloosa, Alabama."

"Everybody seems to be in a better mood," said Wally Price,

"Money is spent more freely.  Everybody is happy."