Hospital Heroes honored in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - They are called "Hospital Heroes". They are ten people from Birmingham area hospitals who have gone above and beyond in providing medical care to their patients.

The Alabama Hospital Association recognized the group today at The Club.
This is one of seven regions where "Hospital Heroes" are honored. One of the winners is a nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital.

"My love is the elderly. I just think about the many opportunities to help people and in nursing there are so many different jobs," Sister Janet Keim said.

Sister Keim is being modest. She purchased Weight Watchers memberships for patients who were obese, diabetic and had severe hypertension. Sister Keim also paid the co-pay for a patient who badly needed blood pressure medicine."
"Healthcare is a special but difficult field. All of our providers work hard every day but this event allows us to recognize those who go above and beyond that," says Dr. Michael Waldrum, CEO of University Hospital.