Alabama bounces back, Texas loses McCoy

By Dennis Washington

PASADENA, CA (WBRC) - Alabama, after a scoreless first quarter, took the lead over Texas Thursday night in a game which saw Texas lose its star quarterback.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram scored a two-yard touchdown run at the beginning of the second quarter, capping a seven-play, 57-yard drive.

Alabama's second touchdown came with 7:59 left in the first half when running back Trent Richardson ran 49 yards for a touchdown.

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy was seen going to the locker room with an injury to his right shoulder in the middle of the first quarter just as Texas had to settle for its first of two field goals. On its first drive, Texas had driven the ball from Alabama's 38 yard line down to the two yard line, but Alabama's defense held Texas out of the end zone.  During that goal line stand is when McCoy came out of the game and was replaced with Garrett Gilbert.  Texas officials said McCoy's injured shoulder would be re-evaluated at halftime.

Alabama struggled to move the ball in the first quarter. In its opening series, Alabama received the ball to start the game, but lost yardage in the first three downs. Alabama attempted a fake punt, but the pass was intercepted by Texas on the Alabama 38 yard line.  Alabama had only 11 yards on offense after its first two possessions.

On the kickoff after Texas' first field goal, Texas recovered the ball on a pooch kick, but was unable to move the ball and settled for its second field goal.

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