Mark Ingram deals with life as Heisman winner

Alabama running back Mark Ingram (WBRC photo)
Alabama running back Mark Ingram (WBRC photo)

By Dennis Washington

PASADENA, CA (WBRC) - Alabama running back Mark Ingram said since winning the Heisman Trophy, the past few weeks have been crazy.

"From the time my name was said until it was time to get back to practice, just always running around, so many TV shows, a lot of pictures, a lot of signatures, a lot of banquets," said Ingram. "It kind of takes a toll on your body."

Ingram said he appreciated the honor, but was happy to get back to school and start practicing again.

"That's all I could think about after I won the trophy," said Ingram. "I'm proud to do it for these guys and for the program and for everybody."

Ingram said he is looking forward to playing Texas for the national championship.

"Our main goal before the season started was we wanted to win the national championship, so that was my focus after I won the trophy, and I'm just glad we're here and we have the opportunity to accomplish something great with each other," said Ingram. "You thrive on opportunities like this."

Ingram, who spoke Monday with reporters, did admit the Heisman Trophy had changed his life.

"I remember (Tim) Tebow said that now it's like you live in a glass house," said Ingram. "Everybody knows who you are. I kind of got that feelinglike when I would be in big cities like Atlanta or in Chicago and people were noticing me and trying to get pictures or autographs or running up to me telling me congratulations.  I think that's when I kind of noticed that things changed forever."

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