Hoover Mayor makes 'State of the City' address

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Hoover's mayor offered his state of the city on Monday. He says he is looking ahead to 2010 with optimism.

Mayor Tony Petelos says the economy has taken a toll on Hoover's finances. While revenues are down, the Mayor says there will be no cut in city services.

Mayor Petelos told a group of Hoover residents that he submitted a budget last week. It will be $85-million; down from $89-million last year. The mayor says Hoover has seen a number of national stores close, such as Goody's and Circuit City, due to those companies' bankruptcy problems and not Hoover's economy.

As for the future, Petelos says Hoover will be going even stronger after tourist dollars to bring in additional tax revenues. "Like I said, we didn't take on a lot of debt. So we can survive during the economic down times," noted Petelos.

Petelos says city fire and police departments will continue to provide protection for Hoover.

Next year, recycling will be a top goal for Hoover. The mayor wants to move Hoover from ten percent to twenty percent recycling. A goal the mayor says can save the city even more money