Situation at Anniston Federal Courthouse appears to be over

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) – An emergency situation at the U.S. Courthouse on Noble Street in Anniston appears to have ended.

The courthouse was shut down on Monday morning and surrounded by emergency vehicles. Firefighters were seen in protective suits and a hazmat tent was set up. Witnesses in the area reported white envelopes being brought out from the courthouse.

FOX6 News has learned that firefighters have been seen removing their masks and putting up equipment.

It is unknown if this event has any similarities to the situation at the U.S. Courthouse in Birmingham Sunday.  A powder-form substance was found in the downtown Birmingham building. Testing on the substance found it did not have any hazardous material.

The Anniston courthouse remains closed.

FOX6 News has a crew on scene in Anniston gathering additional information.  Keep it here on and watch FOX6 News for more information.